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After my surgery......
Linda Ippolito from Ormond Beach
Thought I would share an update on my next day condition after your treatment yesterday.

After the treatment I had immediate relief of pain and I was able to eat and talk much, much better
The area was a bit tender (which I anticipated after your persistent strong fingers did lots of hard work on my whatevers) but not painful and no pain meds.
My scar feels and looks so much better too!

In the morning I felt so much more relief inside my mouth and my deep ear pain was gone.

The extreme tightness that I have had in the lower back of my mouth disappeared as did the pain, pulling and tightness that I felt in my neck due to the stitches after surgery.

The relief of pain is truly unbelievable. I have not used any pain pills since this treatment. Also, I am gaining some weight back now that I can eat again. Also, I can open my mouth and actually speak.

You are AWESOME......Thank you soooooooo much for being persistent and getting me to a point of feeling human again. I know I will have my ups and downs during the healing process but today is the first day it is actually very bearable and without pain meds. You got me on the road to a speedy recovery.

I was referred to you and I am sooooo grateful. God Blessed you with the mind, professional knowledge and truly caring for people who need you to help them.


May God continue to Bless You.......xxxxxooooo *O:-) angel You are the best!

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Danielle from Ormond Beach
I have been having hip pain for months and months. I have gone to several Chiropractors and PT's. I have done lots of Acupuncture, I even went to an Orthopedic and yet nobody was able to relieve me of my pain or know what was wrong.
I was referred to you as my last hope. I was amazed at how you worked on my scars and nerves and my pain is gone.... Just incredible. Thank you, I felt listened to and cared for.
You are a very gifted practitioner!

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Karen Horn from Deland

I have had not a moment of nerve pain in my leg since my appointment
with you! It was very helpful to my ride this morning to have more use
of my leg.

I am very happy and look forward to scheduling another appointment with
you in early February when I return. Many Thanks


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2017 yesterdays session
Nancy Hutson
Thank you for your work, Lauree. My horse and I loved it. What a difference the neutral pelvis and more relaxed shoulders made. My neck has much less pain and restriction too.

See you Monday.


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LMK from Flagler Beach
With Lauree's help, at the age of 44 I am virtually pain-free and I swear that she has made me feel about 10 years younger. Here is my story: I am a runner, swimmer and tennis player. I also have an 8 year old son with whom I play all sorts of athletics. In September 2011, I stretched a tendon in my calf playing tennis (Pop!). My leg was swollen and bruised an entire month and I could not walk normally after 7 weeks. My traditional doctors (internist and orthopedist) both told me to ice and rest. A friend told me to try Lauree and I did. After two sessions with Lauree, my calf was pain-free. Since then I continue to work with her on other issues (hamstring, upper back, neck, shoulder). In short, Lauree's work on my body has changed my life. Before Lauree I thought all of that pain was due to aging. After Lauree, I now know that there is no reason to live with pain.

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Just Amazing!
Darren from Port Orange
Just back from a second visit and typing in words just does not express the work that she does..I have asked her to post some before and after pics of myself to show the transformation after just one session.I had had gallbladder surgery around 7yrs ago and Lauree figured out that by body was compensating for the invasive procedure they did to pull it out.My shoulders without me even realizing it were pulled forward and after the 1st session they were pulled back and at 1st I was like 'Is this normal?" I have been a surfer for 30years and after the session with her I was twice a better paddler on my board.My back and hips were also giving me issues that she corrected and the had said that they were twisted.This treatment is in NO WAY a massage, it is a body mechanic putting the muscles back in the way that they are supposed to be.I am so happy to have met her and hope that anyone that finds this site gives Lauree a chance to correct whatever may be troubling them.

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Elegant and Functional!
Kathryn from New Symrna
Well, I must say that YOU are the reason I am functional….and elegant! Thanks for the hard work you put in.

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Your work....
Bob S.
It’s the real health insurance, a lifetime investment, worth every penny. Thank YOU!

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Your treatment helped be feel better!
Deborah Swicegood from Orlando
Thank you for helping me. I'll need another session soon but I feel good today. My bladder is doing better. It's not holding as much, after 5 hours I only had 350cc instead of 800cc. Its a good thing/

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Josee from Ormond Beach
Just wanted to let you know that my hip is finally feeling better and I've enjoyed a good night's sleep without waking up in pain. Looking forward to my continued unraveling. I truly am blessed to have found you.

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