Lauree MorettoAbout Lauree Moretto

Lauree Moretto has spent over 30 years studying and teaching human body structure and function.

The expertise developed over this long time-span has equipped her with a deep, sophisticated understanding of our physical bodies.  This complex body knowledge includes postural and movement patterns, biomechanics, innervation, fascial structure and visceral manipulation.

Lauree's practice uniquely integrates objective methods of working and manipulating the lines of restrictions throughout the body, from head to toe. Each tissue has its own unique signature, texture, characteristics, and means of release.

The result is her ability to re-shape complex body patterns so that each client is reoriented toward optimal alignment and ease of movement on an empowering and permanent level.

What this means for you

  • Reduction or elimination of aches & pains
  • Better posture
  • Reduction or elimination of physical movement constraints
  • More energy and vigor
  • A feeling of vitality and youthfulness
  • Increase in height

Ms. Moretto continuously pursues her own journey to optimal health, exploring new and traditional practices for the benefit of her clients. She seeks inspiration on an ongoing basis from a wide range of sources, both within and outside the structural integration bodywork profession.


Early in her career as a certified personal trainer, Lauree was featured in People Magazine and Fitness Magazine. Upon realizing strength is not everything, Lauree shifted her career path to teaching yoga, which she did for over 12 years, instructing in Iyengar and Anusara styles. 

As a certified practitioner of Structural Integration, Lauree has acquired a diversified knowledge base from three leading schools of Structural Integration.  She has studied in classroom environments as well as one-on-one studies with some of the oldest and longest practicing Rolfers alive today. 

As a teacher, she assisted Tom Myers in "Anatomy Trains" and KMI certification programs, as well as co-teaching Structural Strategies and Movement. 

Ms Moretto designed and teaches her own systematic structural bodywork classes called "Move 2 Grace".

One of Ms Moretto's greatest joys comes from witnessing her clients heal, grow, transform, and become pain free.