What Is Soft Tissue Treatment?

Soft tissue treatments present a deep, sophisticated and natural development of the original theories and practices of Structural Integration, also known as Rolfing. As a Soft Tissue Practitioner, Lauree Moretto knows, views and understands the body as a three dimensional system. Lauree works with several systems including the visceral tissue (organs), the nerve tissue, and the fascial tissue (including scar tissue). Together, these very different systems of tissue combine to make our shape and more importantly, actually determine how our body functions. Naturally, each of these tissues or systems possesses very different characteristics.

Understanding, identifying and correctly manipulating the different systems and their components requires a level of knowledge best gained from both years of education and years of experience. The restoration and reorganization of all these systems encourages balance, improves function, and allows for freedom and ease of movement. The object of the work is to allow the body to function at optimum levels and thus reduce or eliminate pain. More often than not, the true cause of the problem is not where the pain is felt. This type of treatment/approach targets the cause of the pain and not just the symptoms; that is, not just where it appears to be.

The systems together resemble a matrix. All these tissues need to glide and slide easily and smoothly for optimum function. However, similar to a sweater being pulled, when any single part of the various systems are compromised, eventually the whole body must compensate. When there is a restriction, the body's function and support will be compromised. This will eventually show up as pain, numbness, misalignment, or poor function. If a body doesn't move with grace and ease, but instead with effort, pain, and stiffness--then we define that as aging. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Aging itself is not the cause of poor function; it is how and what was done (or not done) to our bodies over a period of time that is the true culprit.

For instance, after any surgery or experiencing any bad wound, the body will develop scar tissue. This scar tissue actually pulls the surrounding tissue—and thus the body, into an unnatural shape which may limit movement, and then create pain and discomfort. Similarly, when there is a visceral pull, the body will compensate and create misalignments as well. When the scar tissue or the viscera is precisely manipulated, the body has the ability to return to a higher level of functioning. Because of its innate pliability and resilience, the body can return to a more effective and balanced state. Muscles have two jobs, to contract and relax. When these tissues are in distress the body loops itself in a holding pattern, and the muscle contracts all the time. Over a period of time this develops into sensory-motor amnesia, and the person is not even aware of the contractions nor the adaptive compensations. Fortunately, with proper action, this can usually be reversed.

There is actually a hierarchy of body function. The highest priority is the nerves—or at least the nerves trump most everything else. When they are in distress, the body will do whatever it can to protect them and thereby protect its own central nervous system. Unfortunately, this oftentimes presents as an immobilization of a specific area to protect itself, causing more compensations. The nerves: If they’re not happy…you’re not happy.

Soft tissue treatment involves recognizing the causal factors of the restrictive system(s) or elements and the release of these strain patterns. Utilizing precise manipulation, decades of experience and years of ongoing education, Lauree restores the natural patterning in the various strata of body layers to address the root causes of dysfunction which then allow the client to have lasting change. The new information is then physically integrated into the body. Throughout the session, Lauree will educate you regarding your unique patterns of stress, and teach you movements to re-enforce the work. Each client will be guided to obtain better function of their body, and to instill healthy patterns of movement in their daily life.