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Lauree is a miracle worker!!! I was carried in her office to
walk out of there after one session. Had pain for months and after that session the pain was gone. I highly recommend her Thanks Lauree!! xoxoxo

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Thank You!
Tammy Tepper
Lauree, my Feet-Amazing!
I imagine this is what a tree frog's feet must feel like. Grounded yet lifted. And - my right knee pain is gone. In one session!

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Lauree was wonderful. She is so knowledgeable and explained everything clearly. The session was amazing! She explained as she worked and worked thoroughly and deeply to release years of scar tissue and muscle tension. My daily life as been drastically effected by pain for many years and I feel like there is healing on the horizon. I felt great when I left and now, the next day, I feel more than 50% improvement. I can't wait to go back for another treatment.
I Would highly recommend her.

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Finally Hope
Judy Schmidtke
I came into Lauree's office in tears being so disappointed in available options for my chronic back pain and chronic migraines to up til then. I had a migraine for three days when I walked in and it was gone by the time she was done working her magic. She listened to me when I talked, looked me in the eyes when I talked and was empathetic when I talked. Something I didn't find in the neurosurgeon or my neurologists offices. Lauree released years of pain and constriction in just one visit ( not kidding) and I am hopeful for the first time in many years that I can live life again without fear of pain and I am
so thankful. I highly recommend putting yourself in her capable, experienced, loving hands. I can't wait for my next appointment. Thank
you Lauree!

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My last session with Lauree was so incredibly liberating! My hips felt like they continued to release for the next couple days.

Each morning I wake up feeling freer and freer. I can't say I always understand what she is doing, but I can say how it feels afterwards and it is AMAZING! Lauree is gifted with her hands and full of knowledge. She can help you get out of pain you don't need to live with. I highly recommend her work, most people I send come back
wishing they called sooner, ;). So don't wait too long, her schedule fills quickly~!! Thank you Lauree for reading my body so well and helping it get what it needs! xoxo namaste

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Very Effective
Mrs. Kern
I wanted to let you know that after my one treatment with you
I was feeling good my whole Colorado vacation. I didn't have a lot of
digestive issues like I normally do especially since we were eating
out all the time... so that was a BIG improvement. Also my hips and
back felt good overall-and we did hiking, biking and also a lot of
driving/sitting which usually bothers me the most. So your treatment
was effective and I thank you!

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2015 Happy New Year
Thank you for all that you did to help heal my body.. You
are a very beautiful old soul!

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Thank you!
I just wanted to tell you Lauree how much you have helped me
with my legs. Thank you for making me love my body inside out!

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It’s the real health insurance, a lifetime investment,
worth every penny. Thank YOU!

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Elegant and Functional!
Kathryn from New Symrna
Well, I must say that YOU are the reason I am
functional….and elegant! Thanks for the hard work you put in.

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