What are the Benefits of Soft Tissue Treatment?

  • Reorganize the body to achieve length, symmetry, and balance
  • Free the body from the actual cause of pain and dysfunction--constraints patterned by years of poor posture, stress, or injury
  • Evoke feelings of freedom and ease inherent in a well-balanced body
  • Establish a well-grounded structure that can cope effectively with stress
  • Raise the level of awareness
  • Increase a sense of well-being and quality of life

Who Benefits from Soft Tissue Treatment?

  • All ages: infants, children, adults, seniors who are affected by:
    • Back, neck, hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, joints--pain and restrictions
    • Pelvic and gastrointestinal related issues
    • Pre/post-surgical rehabilitation, joint replacements
    • Sports injuries or performance optimization
    • Fibromialgia, post-chemotherapy
    • Pre/post natal care and recovery

Soft tissue treatments are not just for those with chronic pain and old injuries. It is also a marvelous tool for awakening the body and invigorating natural health and vitality. These treatments are a perfect fit for athletes, yoga and pilates practitioners, dancers, as well as for people who do physical labor, teenagers, and older folks; in short, anyone who wants an active and healthy body.

These treatments are unique and unsurpassed in their ability to dramatically alter one's body structure and quality of life!

What exactly is Rolfing, Structural Integration, or Soft Tissue Treatment? This video explains...