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Difference in a short amount of time
Thank you so much for introducing the Bio Mat to Amy and me. In a very short amount of time it has helped me with the stress and my ability to lose weight. It has also helped me with joint stiffness issues in my neck. So much so that I can now cut back my visits to my acupuncturist.

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Amy Green from Oregon
I cannot believe the power and healing I have experienced since receiving my Bio Mat. This thing is just amazing!!!! I have had some health issues, insomnia, various aches and pains and just allot of stress. Everyday I get on my Bio Mat, put on a guided meditation CD and find myself in the most relaxing, deeply healing state. It is just remarkable.
My cat has arthritis and one day he jumped up on the Bio Mat when I was doing a session and I could not believe how his energy and pain level decreased after being on the mat. If he sees me or my husband go into the "Bio Mat Room" that darn cat jumps up for a session LOL!
I cannot recommend the Mat enough but more important is the support I received from Lauree. She helped me get the most out of my sessions, was so encouraging and knowledgeable. I would imagine the savings I will have in going to see doctors will far out weigh the initial cost. GO FOR IT! You will not regret it!

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Sonja Zander from The Hammock, FL
I am SO grateful to you Lauree! THANK YOU for relieving the pain I had been dealing with for such a long time. I am amazed, after one session, how much of a difference I feel. For the first time in a very long time, I woke up pain free. I cannot tell you how extremely happy I feel. I want to tell everyone I know about your gift!!

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Thank you, I feel great~
I wanted to make the time to tell you how great I felt after your treatment. I benefit so much from your work. My body continues to learn how to feel better and function in a more efficient manner.


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Wize Touch!
Angela Badolato from Managing Director at Core Four LLC
"Lauree is committed to finding the root cause of what ails you, whether that be postural or lifestyle or something you've been carrying for a long time. She has a joyful attitude to releasing old habits and finding that blissful peace in the body. She helped me own that beauty, peace and relaxation in my body through her guiding hands and her wise touch."

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Want lasting relief?
Maggie Thomopson from Port Orange
"Lauree understands the body and how important it is for all parts to be in balance. She has helped me with pain in my back, legs and ankle. I recommend her services to you if you are in pain and want lasting relief. She's the best."

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Catherine from Orlando
I feel sorry for those people who are unaware of the work you have to offer....
and I really feel sorry for those who are aware of what you do but choose not to help themselves.
Even on my limited budget, because of the difference in quality of what I'm able to accomplish on a daily basis as a result of your work, it is so well worth it.

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Your Organ Work!
Karen from Ormond Beach
Most of my life, I have battled with constipation. At times it was quite painful, even though I eat a very healthy diet.

After a few visceral sessions with Lauree, I had my first healthy and normal bowel movement. Sometimes my internal organs get stuck and don't have the freedom to move properly, which can cause a multitude of problems, I believe and trust in Lauree's amazing abilities which promote healing naturally.

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Lisa from Orlando
You have really contributed to my personal growth, and I believe I have said thank you before, but let me say it again! Thank you! Wow. That's a lot of exclamation points. But I mean it!
With love and sincerity

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S. Graham
I was in pain for a very long time. It was when I came to get a session from Lauree did my physical pain and mental and emotional pain ended. I was suffering trying to search for a diagnosis which seemed at the time unbearable, making me feel worse. Doctors told me
my tests were all negative and it was all in my head. NOBODY was listening- until I saw Lauree! She took time with me and put all the pieces of my history together and came up with a hypothosis and with her amazing skills and knowledge she helped me get my life back. I am
so grateful. Thank you!

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